ColdBrew+ Superfood Collection - SUBSTANCE

Boost Performance and Immune System  

Your goals - your shot!   

Caffeine level: triple shot / 120mg
Superfoods: 1,200mg Organic Cordyceps Extract, 1,000mg Organic Lions Mane Extract, unsweetened dark cocoa, lemon juice
Serving Size: 1.5oz
Servings per 12oz bottle: 8 
Nutritional Value not established.
Batch number and expiration date on product package. 

Tastes like: Molasses and Caramel in an ultra smooth shot with a hint of fresh lemon

Feels like: Watch me GO!

Substance is a high voltage shot to keep you mentally sharp and boost performance. We use low acid, medium roasts for this one, and ice-distill it with our own method for a naturally sweet and incredibly smooth texture. Great pre-workout or before that draining afternoon meeting. Our shots are versatile and easy to tailor to your needs: Take it up a notch by adding it to your coffee, milk based drink or soda, or enjoy pure for timed fast effects. Recommended dose is 1.5oz or 1oz two times daily depending on your schedule. 


- made with real, clean ingredients (no powders or ready mixes)
- handcrafted in small batches
- blended to order for freshness
- highly potent 
- made from seasonal coffees selected by flavor profile and acidity level
- Vegan
- made with certified organic ingredients
- Superfood extracts made in certified labs 
- no added sugar
- no artificial flavors or coloring
- no preservatives
- no alcohol
- non GMO
- reusable and recyclable packaging (bottle comes with a vial and mini funnel for easy daily refills)  

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, take any medications or have any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use. If  you are sensitive to caffeine or any of the ingredients in this product, and / or are allergic to any ingredient in this product do not use this product. It is not advised to drink alcohol while taking adaptogens and nootropics as the effects may cancel each other out, cause excess sleepiness, or inability to operate machinery or vehicles. 
If adverse reactions occur, discontinue the use of this product immediately and contact your healthcare practitioner. Keep product out of the reach of children, store in refrigerator, shake well before each use, and use within two weeks after opening for maximum freshness and potency. 


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