good chemistry creates flow


Sweet Science Coffee started as a pop up shop in Washington DC in 2015.

Our concept was aimed at providing useful seed to cup consumer education and inspiring appreciation for the brewing process in classes and workshops.

SSC soon became known for its high quality pour overs and approach to brewing.

Eight years and one Pandemic later, the demand for online home barista classes has skyrocketed. So we decided to return to our roots with eyes on preserving the value of craft coffee for the future. Sweet Science Coffee rebranded and is now Sweet Science Coffee Education. We create digital learning experiences and events that are fun, nerd approved and de-snobbefied.


Sandra Wolter grew up in a family coffee business, but worked most of her adult life as a TV Journalist before changing careers back to coffee in her 40’s. Sweet Science started as “a passion project that called me”, she says. She now combines her love for brewing chemistry and research, insights from travel to origin, and knowledge of coffees’ history and its (potential) future in her courses.

Sandra is a certified Barista Trainer and is currently completing post-graduate studies in Coffee Excellence at the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich/Switzerland. She has consulted for start-ups, and taught hundreds of brewing classes for home baristas. Her ambition for Sweet Science Coffee Education is to reach a much wider audience than possible in a single brick and mortar location.

“I am a Missionary at heart, I want to inspire people to choose coffee with deliberation and enjoy it with a quality over quantity mindset. And I try to achieve that in my own nerdy way.
Yes, I can talk about 2-furfurylthiol but
people tend to smile more when I say “stick your nose
in and tell me what you see!” 
When you can tell a story, get a reaction, evoke a feeling, then you have a path
to connecting over coffee.” 

-  Sandra Wolter