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Vision / Mission / CEO (Coffee Education Official) & CEO (for real)

Sandra Wolter grew up in a family coffee business, but went in a different career direction as an adult, working as a tv journalist for a mayor German network.
In 2013, a personal recalibration led to the founding of Sweet Science Coffee. What started as a one woman pop-up coffee shop with brewing classes in Washington DC has become a company firmly committed to providing coffee consumer education.
We believe that beyond pretense and snobbish-ness lies a vast uncovered field of health benefits that come with truly understanding what craft coffee can do for people.    

Having come full circle, Sandra is now combining her expertise in coffee and the communication arts to create and provide products and services for health conscious coffee lovers. 

She holds a post-graduate CAS in Coffee Excellence from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich/Switzerland, as well as a three-year diploma in hospitality management from the Berlin chamber of commerce. 

Pre-coffee, she graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in LA, where she studied method acting, script writing, on-camera presentation and voice. A post-graduate certificate in journalism completes her profile. 

Sandra speaks on the topics of #CoffeeAndHealth #TheEmpoweredConsumer #FearlessFemaleEntrepreneurs and #InspiredBusiness

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“I am a Missionary at heart, I want to change the way we drink coffee by challenging how we think about it. It's a functional food, an ingredient with incredible health benefits - physical and mental. 
We have to empower people, share knowledge honestly so they can be conscious consumers and choose natural products with deliberation that improve their own daily life and the lives of everyone in the coffee community. 

My way of doing it is Storytelling. Yes, I can quote data and present numbers - but people are more receptive when you can share a moment, get a reaction, evoke a feeling. Then you have a path to really connecting over coffee.‚Ä̬†
- Sandra Wolter
CEO, Sweet Science Coffee